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We were set up by the Department of Health in 2002 with the broad aim of Protecting the Health of British Travellers. We seek to improve the quality of travel health advice given by GP practices, travel clinics, pharmacies and other healthcare providers, and provide up-to-date and reliable information for the traveller, travel industry and national government.

We are commissioned by Public Health England and hosted by University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (UCLH); we also work in partnership with our other network founders Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM), London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) and the Hospital for Tropical Diseases (HTD).

Health professionals and travellers seeking health information ahead of travel should visit our website:


  • To develop national guidance on travel health for health professionals advising the public
  • To advise on specific situations and circumstances that could affect the health of British travellers
  • To identify and report on disease outbreaks and other health hazards worldwide
  • To share our information and expertise widely
  • To keep a register of, monitor and train Yellow Fever Vaccination Centres (YFVCs) in England, Wales and Northern Ireland
  • To collaborate with organisations, particularly in the travel and insurance industries, and in the NHS and government, which share our aim of Protecting the Health of British Travellers
  • To train health professionals to provide best quality, evidence-based travel health advice and services
  • To initiate research, collect and analyse data to enable us to achieve our goals.





Meet the Team 31 March                           nurse team small

Dr Dipti Patel

Deputy Director:
Dr Vanessa Field


Administration Team:

Operations Manager: Emily Aidoo

Service Manager: Masum Miah

YFVC Support: Linda Pang

Online Communications: Terence Corrigan

Clinical Team:

Clinical Advisor: Dr Lisa Ford (Liverpool)

Senior Specialist Nurse (Travel Health): Hilary Simons (Liverpool)

Clinical Fellow: Dr Natasha Kay

Specialist Nurse (Travel Health): Lynda Bramham

Specialist Nurse (Travel Health): Mary Gawthrop

Specialist Nurse (Travel Health): Alexandra Stillwell

Specialist Nurse (Travel Health): Carolyn Driver

Specialist Nurse (Travel Health): Rose Tucker

Specialist Nurse (Travel Health): Rachael Fletcher


Senior Information Analyst: Jakob Peterson

NaTHNaC has offices in London and Liverpool



Dr Nick Beeching
Clinical Director, Tropical & Infectious Disease Unit, Royal Liverpool Hospitals; Senior Lecturer in Infectious Diseases, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

Dr Ron Behrens
Consultant in Travel Medicine, UCLH Hospital for Tropical Diseases and Senior Lecturer in Travel Health, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Dr Mike Brown
Senior Lecturer in Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine; Consultant Physician and Clinical Lead, Hospital for Tropical Diseases, University College London Hospitals

John De Vial
(Guest) Head of Financial Protection, ABTA

Kevin Dyer
Senior Business Development Manager, Public Health England

Dr Vanessa Field
Deputy Director, NaTHNaC

Dr Vanya Gant
Infection Division Clinical Director, University College London Hospitals (UCLH)

Dr Hilary Kirkbride
Acting Head of Travel and Migrant Health, Public Health England

Prof David Lalloo
Professor of Tropical Medicine and Dean of Clinical Sciences and International Public Health at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

Dr George Leahy
Deputy Director for Health Protection

Dr Rima Makarem
(Chair) Non-executive Director, University College London Hospitals

David Martin
Finance Manager, Infection Division, University College London Hospitals

Ruth Parry
Infectious Diseases Senior Scientific Policy Manager, Department of Health

Dr Dipti Patel
Director, NaTHNaC

Dr Nick Phin
Deputy Director for Infectious Disease Epidemiology, Surveillance and Control, Public Health England National Infections Service

Melanie Watts
Divisional Manager, Infection, Emergency Services and Critical Care, University College London Hospitals